Shoppers Say This Foot Peel Mask Sloughs Off Dead Skin for 'Disgusting' but 'Worth-It' Results

For feet that “look brand new” just in time for sandal season.

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We're only a few short weeks away from the official start of sandal and swimsuit season. While it's exciting to daydream about all the time we'll spend at the beach this summer, and the strappy shoes we'll wear all day long, the last few months of dry, cold weather did a number on our skin—especially our feet. If you're worried about cracked heels and dry, flaky skin, more than 11,000 Amazon shoppers have found relief in a highly-rated foot mask.

The Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask exfoliates feet with the help of natural, botanical acids, leaving behind soothed and hydrated skin. The mask, which is one size that easily transforms into a custom shape, is available in three scents: aloe vera, tea tree, and peppermint. Out of the three, the aloe vera mask is intended to soothe particularly irritated skin, peppermint provides itch relief, and tea tree was created to help with foot fungus, according to the brand. And right now, all three scents are on sale for up to 34 percent off.

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask - Pack of 2 Feet Peeling Masks for Dry,

To buy: From $19 (was $26);

Using the mask is as simple as putting on an oversized sock. All you have to do is slip each foot into a mask, use the attached pieces of tape to secure it in place, and relax while watching TV or reading on the couch for the next hour. After using the mask once, the ingredients penetrate the skin and actively work at exfoliating over the next few weeks. To help the process along, Soft Touch says to soak feet in warm water for about ten minutes per day until the dead, rough skin peels off and hydrated, softer skin is revealed.

One shopper said that your feet will look "disgusting" during the peeling phase, but confirmed the results are "worth it". Another reviewer called the process an "emotional rollercoaster" as they experienced some serious post-use peeling that eventually led to the "softest, happiest feet you'll ever feel."

A longtime wearer of combat boots confirmed the tea tree mask "works better than anything else" at smoothing foot skin, and another shopper said that after a few days, their feet "looked brand new."

Watch your feet transform from rough to smooth and sandal-ready by ordering the Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask while it's still on sale at Amazon today.

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