This Soothing, Restorative Face Mask Is So Good, I'm Actually Ditching My Foundation

The glow is real.

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It's been hammered into us that we all need to have a lengthy skincare regimen full of different creams, serums, and oils for each of our skin woes. While it can be challenging to find the right products for you, as I've been building my own apothecary-like collection, I've been lucky enough to land on a few products that have earned a permanent spot in my beauty cabinet.

Being a lover of both skincare and the smooth- and even-looking complexion that makeup gives me, I was immediately intrigued by this honey-infused hydrating and soothing face mask that shoppers say makes their skin so soft and glowy, they're "ditching foundation" altogether.

The Oak Essentials Restorative Mask is made with hydrating and anti-inflammatory organic honey (which the brand points out is a natural humectant, aka something that keeps things damp) and free radical-blocking avocado oil, which is rich in vitamin C, too. As you might imagine, it smells incredible. The mask glides across my skin with ease as I apply it, and once the mask is on, it feels cool and light—a godsend in this recent heat wave.

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The mask is also packed with sea buckthorn fruit oil, which has vitamins C and E, is rich in omega-7 for collagen reproduction, and has beta carotene, an "antioxidant powerhouse" that naturally helps slow skin's aging process, according to the brand. After using the mask twice weekly over the past two months, I've noticed fewer and smaller fine lines, my tone is much more even, I'm breaking out less, and, just like those bold reviewers, I've all but abandoned my foundation and am instead reaching for a touch of concealer here and there.

Oak Essentials says that the mask is "made simply and without compromise," and that its ingredients are cruelty-free, non-GMO, and organic. Plus, it's formulated without synthetic fragrances, silicones, colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, and nanoparticles to ensure a high-quality product—something that's evident once it's on your face.

The mask wipes off with warm water and a face cloth just as easily as it goes on, but my one minor complaint is that the rich honey color transferred to my hand towel. Thankfully, it came out in the wash.

Some shoppers who say they deal with skin conditions like rosacea mentioned in their reviews that they leave it on longer when their skin is feeling especially sensitive because it "instantly soothes, calms, and hydrates." Another shopper added that they see "results right away" from this mask and are "getting a lot of compliments" on their skin, so they're buying more. "I would buy a vat of this mask if I could," they wrote.

Hydrate and nourish your own skin back to its natural glow without the help of makeup by ordering the Oak Essentials Restorative Mask today.

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