Beware of acting abruptly with your hair: Proper hair care takes time, attention, and knowledge, and we have all the knowledge you need right here. Learn hairstyles—even how to French braid hair—understand hair care techniques, and discover how to maintain your hair tools with our guides and advice. (We'll even teach you how much to tip your beloved hair stylist.)

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How to French Braid Hair
Whether you're learning how to French braid your own hair or someone else's, our easy step-by-step hair braiding tutorial shows how to master the perfect braided hairstyle in no time.
9 Cute Hairstyles for School That Will Actually Save You Time in the Morning
Head back to school with a fresh, easy hairstyle. Bonus: You won’t have to set your alarm any earlier.
How to Clean a Hairbrush
A properly cleaned and maintained hairbrush will keep your hair shiny and healthy.
This Is How Much to Tip Hairstylists and Colorists (Plus One Time You Don't Need to Tip)
Knowing how much to tip at a hair salon can be tricky—especially with the number of services and people involved. Here, etiquette experts reveal how much to tip hairdressers, stylists, colorists, and more.
How to Do a Waterfall Braid
A waterfall braid is the perfect romantic hairstyle for any occasion—and believe it or not, it's easy! Learn how to do a waterfall braid with this easy tutorial.

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Smooth, shiny curls are a fun beauty upgrade, and the look is a lot easier to achieve than it might seem. Follow the approach in this video the next time you want a head of natural-looking ringlets.
Why You Should Ditch Shampoo and Co-Wash Your Hair Instead
Co-washing, a popular suds-free method for cleansing hair, might just put an end to your dry, frizzy locks.
Call Your Colorist—These 11 Hair Colors Are Trending for Summer 2022

Good news! Summer 2022 means warmer weather is coming—and so are warmer hues. And we've got all the hair color inspiration here, starting with classic seasonal shades like sunshine blonde and Louis Vuitton brown to newer shades like strawberry auburn and copper brown.