Supermodel Gigi Hadid may love a bargain as much as the rest of us.

By Ariel Klein
September 12, 2018

Whether she’s stepping out in city streets or strutting down the runway, Gigi Hadid has incredible style that we're constantly swooning over. We usually can spot Gigi sporting luxury brands like Versace and Fendi from head-to-toe—but that wasn’t the case in a recent appearance during New York Fashion Week.

Yesterday, Hadid was photographed on the streets of New York wearing burgundy snakeskin ankle boots, and the shoes were definitely an unexpected choice for the A-list celebrity. Why, exactly? Because they’re made by the brand Mango and only cost about $65.

Gigi Hadid Steps Out for NYFW in Snakeskin Booties

That’s right. You heard correctly. One of the world’s biggest supermodels was strutting her stuff in shoes that most women can actually afford. Ah, celebrities. They really are just like us (sometimes). But before you try to get your hands on a pair of these Gigi-approved boots, there’s a catch. The exact boots Gigi had on are only sold through Mango UK. I know, serious buzzkill.

Since we’re probably going to be seeing boots like this everywhere now, we scouted out some other great options that will make you instantly feel like the supermodel you are. [Insert “YAS. SASHAY QUEEN” here.]

Hopefully these suggestions help you find your perfect pair so you can kick off fall on the right foot.

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