Breaking: The Gap has cute clothes and it's all even more affordable than before.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated May 23, 2018
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Cute Clothes at The Gap
Credit: Mark Kauzlarich/Getty Images

Last night, I did whatever the equivalent of a double take is on Instagram as I scrolled past a video of a woman in extremely cute clothes whimsically floating through air in jeans that I realized I need. I wasn't surprised to have my attention grabbed by cute clothes on Instagram, but I was surprised to see the retailer behind the wide-leg, high-waisted jeans: Gap.

Yes, the store your mom's been trying to get you to shop at for the past two decades because "it's high-quality," and "affordable," and other mature, commonsensical appeals you've been tuning out.

(To buy: $72;

So yes, I had an existential breakthrough that my mom really does know best and I am forever at the mercy of her wisdom–because not only does the Gap have incredibly cute clothes, but the store is having a massive online sale right now. Every single thing–yes, every single–is up to 50 percent off with an extra 20 percent off online purchases, zero exclusions, and free shipping when you use the promo code PARTY.

(To buy: $94;

To be fair to Gap for a second, the store seems to have been ramping up its efforts in recent years to keep up with trends and offer higher-end looks and cuter clothes, like with the GapFit activewear line that has similar styles to pricer brands like Lululemon and Athleta (which Gap Inc. owns as well).

(To buy sports bra: $35; To buy leggings: $64;

But nothing compares to these wide-leg jeans of my dreams. As I scroll through the site, my head keeps spinning with thoughts like, "Acid wash at ... the Gap ($42)? Lace-up corset detailing ... at ... the Gap ($35)? Monochrome jumpsuits with a bold side stripe at the mother-knowing GAP ($40)?

I'm still in the jeans section and already have several items in my basket (shop here), so if you don't get over there quickly I'll probably have bought up the entire site.