Fovo is changing the online shopping experience.
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Credit: karelnoppe/Getty Images

Body positivity has been having a decided moment in the fashion industry. Two years of unretouched photos have resulted in successful sales for Aerie, plus-size models are gracing magazine covers, and fashionable brands are finally incorporating a wider breadth of sizes into their chic collaborations. Now, online shopping is about to change, too, with the new e-commerce platform, Fovo.

Fovo is shifting the focus away from sizing and labels, and instead, encourages users to shop for items that inspire confidence. With Fovo’s personalized experience, customers are no longer defined by a number—instead, they are celebrated for their body type.

In an introductory video, Fovo founder and creative director Kiana Anvaripour says, “[Fovo’s] core principle is that body shape is to be celebrated.”

Upon entering the site, users are prompted take a short quiz that identifies personal style, favorite body part, and preferred fit (form-fitting, loose, etc.). Although the quiz does ask shoppers to approximate body shape, it doesn’t compare women to diagrams or fruit—instead, it likens each body type to beautiful, powerful women, ranging from Mindy Kaling to Lupita Nyong’o. From there, the site will identify clothes users may like, and the algorithm continues to update to reflect a shopper’s preferences.

Fovo isn’t just a shopping site—it’s also a fashion resource, offering styling tips and advice, plus testimonials from real women, all with a focus on body positivity. Shape and style experts keep users apprised of the latest trend, and the content feed features interviews with famous stylists, daily fashion news with a body pos spin, and even reviews of fashion-centric novels users may want to read. The site is organized around a central message: “Love your body, no matter what size.”