Stash these 16 (don’t worry: they’re tiny!) items in your car, desk, or bag, and you’ll never fall victim to a wardrobe malfunction again.

Pick a case that’s big enough to hold all of the essentials, but not so bulky you wouldn’t be able to carry it with you—a makeup bag that fits easily into a medium-size purse should do the trick. To buy: $30,

Pick a case that’s big enough to hold all of the essentials, but not so bulky you wouldn’t be able to carry it with you—a makeup bag that fits easily into a medium-size purse should do the trick.

To buy: $30,

Even if you don’t cohabitate with any furry friends, a lint roller is essential for removing stray hairs, fluff from fabrics that shed, and, well, lint. This compact version takes up minimal space, and it’s reusable.

To buy: $3,

A triple threat, this hairspray adds volume to roots, provides long-lasting hold for hairstyles, and works in a pinch to release static from clothing... or hair.

To buy: $5,

Aptly named, this household cleaning product will magically wipe away dirt or scuffs from white shoes and sneakers. Pro tip: Cut off a tiny piece to keep in your fashion emergency kit—a little goes a long way, and won’t take up more space than necessary.

To buy: $3 for two,

You can’t carry an iron or a steamer with you everywhere you go, but a travel-sized bottle of wrinkle-releasing spray is an excellent on-the-go alternative.

To buy: $6,

For those days when you leave the house without realizing your white pants are slightly see-through or your new pencil skirt is flaunting both your figure and your panty lines, you’ll be glad to have this pair on hand. This particular option (which comes in four colors) is a favorite among fashion stylists and runway models for its “invisible” properties.

To buy: $19.50,

If you log enough laps between your desk and the copier, even your trustiest heels can take a toll on your feet. There is a solution out there for every issue, but the most common pain point tends to be the ball of the foot, so keep a pair of these ready.

To buy: $9,

Small but mighty, this little stick fits easily into almost any handbag. The second you feel shoes rubbing in that all-too-familiar, blister-inducing way, glide on a bit of this clear product to create a lubricating barrier between your skin and your shoe.

To buy: $5.50,

Moleskin is one of the best blister blocker out there (just ask any experienced hiker). In cases where a blister stick just won’t cut it—like a digging toe strap—apply a piece of moleskin to your skin as a preventative barrier between your foot and your shoe before a blister pops up. The thin sheets are easy to cut to whatever size you need. If you already have a blister, stick the moleskin directly on your shoe to create a comfortable cushion for your sore spot.

To buy: $3,

In perfectly portable packets, these one-use wipes are made from a highly absorbent cloth treated with stain-remover to lift stains out of fabric, without further spreading.

To buy: $8 for 12,

There is virtually no limit to the amount of uses you’ll find for these helpful things. Temporarily tighten a too-long strap, fix a missing button or snap, or lengthen (or shorten) a necklace.

To buy: $6 for 200,

Another tool with multiple uses, double-stick tape can quickly repair a fallen hem, ensure a plunging neckline stays put, prevent a button-down shirt from gaping, keep bra straps from slipping, and more. Though not packaged as delicately as some of the newer options on the market, Topstick is a fashion-industry favorite for its super staying power.

To buy: $8;

Draping a silk scarf over your hair and face when you change a top ensures your coif stays perfectly in place and your makeup doesn’t rub off on your new white blouse, should you need to make a quick desk-to-dinner change. It also comes in handy when you realize that you’ve drastically under-accessorized.

To buy: $60,

Even if you’re more tempted to fix a popped button with a safety pin rather than re-sew it, a needle and thread is still a good thing to have to hand—and you’ll be amazed by how often you open it just for the tiny scissors.

To buy: $7,

Sure, a quick-drying topcoat makes your manicure last longer, but it also has a sartorial use as well. The next time you spot a snag in your stockings, dab a bit of clear varnish on the site to prevent the small rip from turning into a bigger run. It won’t save your hosiery indefinitely, but it will get you through the day without further damage. Seche Vite’s super strong formula dries with remarkable speed.

To buy: $10,

While losing a heel cap (or wearing it down to the nail) won’t make your shoes unusable or ruin your day, walking around without one will ruin your shoes. These ultra-easy replacement caps come in black and beige, and slip on securely (no tools required) until you can get your beloved soles to the cobbler for a permanent fix.

To buy: $10 for two pairs,