No one will guess your makeup routine only took three minutes.

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Lazy? Sure, sometimes. Lazy is a state of mind, and often, that state of mind is: We woke up late, we’re running out the door, we’ve grabbed a granola bar and our keys, and we can’t be bothered to spend half an hour at the mirror perfecting our eyeliner. For those mornings—or those lazy Saturdays when we want maximum impact with minimal makeup effort, we reach for these beauty products. Beauty products that have multiple uses, are easy to apply, and last all day are the name of the game. No touch-ups here. This is a touch-up free zone. No labored process or tricky application required (thank goodness). Lazy girls don’t have time for touch-ups, nor can we be bothered to carry a makeup bag with us. We have places to go and people to see. We don’t want to sit in front of the mirror forever…but we still want to look fantastic. These products say, “Can do!” to our lazy girl routines. So enjoy mixing and matching these high-impact, low-effort beauty products—we guarantee that no one will guess your makeup routine only took three minutes. Lazy? Maybe. Or perhaps we lazy girls just have our priorities in order.

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