Cuyana's leather tote organization insert is going to make your bag more functional.

By Elizabeth Sile
Updated July 30, 2018
Cuyana tote organizer in blush
Credit: Courtesy of Cuyana

I love my unstructured leather tote bag—a camel-colored one from Cuyana. It takes me from the office to the gym and holds everything I could want to carry (which, for me, is usually about two or three books, a water bottle, a small bag of makeup and sunscreen, sunglasses, keys, and a wallet).

But sometimes, my tote is a little too unstructured. I find myself awkwardly digging around for a tiny tube of lip balm thinking my tote is really more of a black hole. Sure, I’ve got little bags to hold my makeup and miscellany, but sometimes you just want to reach into a tote and know that you keep your phone in the pocket at the front.

I’ve tried some tote bag organizers in the past, but none felt as beautiful as my bag itself until I saw Cuyana’s new Tote Organization Insert ($95;

This gorgeous microsuede tote organizer comes in blush (temporarily sold out), camel, grey and black and slips perfectly into most of Cuyana’s leather totes. At 10 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep, it can fit in other leather totes, too—just make sure you check the measurements of your tote.

Of its four pockets, one is cinched to hold a water bottle and another is big enough to hold a small laptop or iPad. There’s also a clip to hold keys (no more rummaging around for those!). For new and soon-to-be moms, this insert can also transform a tote into a chic diaper bag in disguise with compartments for diapers, a bottle, and other baby supplies.

After selling out of the organizer multiple times since releasing it in the spring then starting a waitlist that grew to 5,000 customers, the company has the tote insert back in stock for good.

As for me, I’ve saved some time and frustration with this new insert. I love that my newly-organized tote bag has some structure to stand up on its own, and I no longer have to fish around it for my stuff. And, it’s gorgeous to boot.