Summer heat and humidity cause a lot of problems for your makeup looks. Here are the tips and tricks of a celebrity makeup artist.

By Claudia Fisher
July 31, 2018

Summer puts a lot of us in a tough spot when it comes to makeup and the looks we're going for: We want to look dewy with the perfect bronzed glow, but we don’t want to look as oily and shiny as the beating sun and suffocating humidity are trying to make us.

I know I’ve fallen victim to over-powdering in the summer months, trying to blot out sheen with more foundation only to end up cakey and more oily than before.

At a loss for solutions to my misguided ways, I turned to celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who’s worked with stars like Hailey Baldwin, Karlie Kloss, and Jenna Dewan.

Based on how flawless their skin always looks, I figured he’s just the authority I needed to consult.

That skin though #karliekloss ✨

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Here are the main makeup mistakes you’re making this summer, according to Oquendo.

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