Summer heat and humidity cause a lot of problems for your makeup looks. Here are the tips and tricks of a celebrity makeup artist.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated July 31, 2018
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Summer puts a lot of us in a tough spot when it comes to makeup and the looks we're going for: We want to look dewy with the perfect bronzed glow, but we don’t want to look as oily and shiny as the beating sun and suffocating humidity are trying to make us.

I know I’ve fallen victim to over-powdering in the summer months, trying to blot out sheen with more foundation only to end up cakey and more oily than before.

At a loss for solutions to my misguided ways, I turned to celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who’s worked with stars like Hailey Baldwin, Karlie Kloss, and Jenna Dewan.

Based on how flawless their skin always looks, I figured he’s just the authority I needed to consult.

Here are the main makeup mistakes you’re making this summer, according to Oquendo.

Clarins UV Plus, Common Makeup Mistakes

Not Wearing or Wearing the Wrong Sun Protection

“First and foremost, women should be wearing SPF. Not just any SPF, but something really lightweight that works well under makeup. One thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of women will forego using a separate SPF and just use the SPF from their foundations–I don’t recommend this because it isn’t usually a high enough SPF in the foundations. That said, no matter what, I do think sun protection is the most important thing–it’s absolutely pivotal. One of my favorite SPFs is the Clarins UV Plus because it tends not to oxidize the makeup. Some foundation formulas aren’t made to be used with SPF, so it can change the color of the foundation, which won’t make it very attractive for photographs.”

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Lumify Eye Drops to Make Your Eyes Bright for Summer Makeup

Avoiding Color

"Another thing that I’ve seen is that a lot of women will shy away from bolder colors around the eyes in the summertime. Summer is actually my favorite time to pull out the bright, bold colors. They’re perfect underneath a pair of sunglasses, providing a nice little pop, or even underneath a hat, where you can have some beautiful pastel colors. But I'll tell you what doesn't go with bold colors on your lids: red eyes. That's why if there's any redness, I suggest using one drop of Lumify Eye Drops in each eye first to help make eyes look brighter, whiter and more radiant."

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Makeup Mistakes, Make Up Forever Aqua Seal

Using Makeup That Smudges Easily

“I’ve noticed in the summertime a lot of women’s eyeliners and mascaras tend to bleed. Now that is something that can be easily rectified. There are several companies that make a tight liner or a water-proofer, one being Makeup Forever. They make a really great one, like a transformer that you can use with your everyday eyeliners. There are also tons of eyeliners that tend to set waterproof or water resistant, which is ideal for humid, hot, and wet, summer weather. If you don’t want to trade in your favorite mascara for a waterproof mascara, there are things like top coats you can apply to your lashes, so you can layer it over your favorite mascara if you don’t want to replace it with a waterproof formula.”

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Hoola Bronzer, Common Makeup Mistakes

Overdoing the Shimmer

“Sometimes, particularly in the summer, a lot of brands will put out bronzers with a lot of shimmer or metallic in them. Women will then use them all over their faces because they think it will provide a dewy look, but it actually has the opposite effect and brings out imperfections, like any texture in the skin, for example. Instead, I like to use strategic shine or strategic metallics. I might use some metallic bronze colors around the eyes, or even right by the cheekbone, but not as an all-over bronzing powder. I really like matte bronzers–one of my favorites is Bobbi Brown ($44; Dior has some really good ones too. The Dior formulas have a little shine to them, not a metallic or a shimmer, but just a little bit of a glow, which I really like ($56; Kevyn Aucoin makes a really great one as well, and they have one that does not have shimmer in it, which I am a huge fan of ($48; My ultimate favorite one is Hoola from Benefit, and if you are a little bit more porcelain, Hoola Light is also available, which is really fabulous."

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Shiseido Mattifying Moisturizer to Perfect Your Summer Makeup Look

Skipping Mattifiers

"My last tip for when you’re in the summer heat is to use a mattifying primer. After using a primer on my clients in the hot summer heat, I’ll then apply a sheer, sort of tinted moisturizer. I like the Armani Crema Nuda, which is like a tinted moisturizer that’s very sheer and very light on the skin, so you can still see the pores ($120; After the tinted moisturizer, I’ll use a mattifier–there’s one from Shiseido that’s like a line smoother, which I really like, and it dries matte, which is perfect for the summertime. Then, I’ll take my favorite concealer, the Clé de Peau concealer ($70;, and I’ll just spot check. This light-feeling yet more full-coverage concealer allows your skin to remain feeling bare while still covering up any imperfections on the skin.”

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