It works great as an overnight mask too.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated September 10, 2018
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Where To Buy Coco and Eve Hair Mask
Credit: Coco & Eve

If you haven’t seen Coco & Eve's Like A Virgin Hair Mask take over your Instagram feed, just wait. The Insta-friendly hair mask—with its adorable pink and green packaging, of course catered to millennials—is more than just a pretty product. When I finally got my hands on a jar, I couldn't believe the difference it made on my naturally curly and frizzy hair.

After just one use I knew this five-in-one hair mask was going to become part of my normal hair-washing routine. And after using it for several months, I personally dubbed it the best hair mask on the market—because it’s that good!

What I love most about the Coco & Eve hair mask is that it comes with a mini tangle tamer brush that really helps to evenly get all of the product on every strand of hair. To apply the mask, put it on after shampooing, leave it on for about five to 10 minutes (either in or out of the shower) and then rinse with warm water. It has never been so easy for me to do salon-like treatment on my hair!

Coco and Eve Hair Mask Review
Credit: Coco & Eve

To buy: $50;

While Coco & Eve doesn't mention whether the mask is better for weekly or daily use, I’ve been using it several times per week, in place of a conditioner, and it hasn't left my hair too oily (although you could totally use it as a weekly treatment instead).

Not only does the mask have a yummy tropical smell, it’s full of ingredients that will actually help repair your hair. The linseed and argan oils tame frizz while adding shine and gloss, the raw virgin coconut extract gets deep into your roots to support your scalp, and the fig and shea butter locks in extra moisture while reducing tangling.

After using the mask and blow drying my hair, it isn’t dry like I’ve experienced from washing my hair with typical shampoo and conditioner. Even though the mask costs $50, it lasts me a few months (I haven’t had to buy a new one since I started using it!), so I think it’s worth every penny—especially because I’m so in love with the results.If you’ve been looking for something to revive dry and dull hair, I highly recommend the Like A Virgin Hair Mask. You can get it at several retailers including Amazon, Revolve, and ASOS

Here’s to hoping we’ll see some new hair products from the Coco & Eve brand soon!