In a season flush with humidity and high temps, the key is to be strategic with your clothing choices. Check out these hot-weather approved options that are sure to make you feel (and look) a little cooler.

By Betsey McLain

It may feel like it’s too hot to function without A/C, and the last thing you want to do is cover any inch of skin with clothing, but you still need something to wear (when you can’t be floating in a lake or pool, of course). The key is to be strategic with your clothing choices, and the optimum fits are easy and breezy with major I’m-not-even-breaking-a-sweat vibes—because you want your summertime to include beach days, backyard BBQs, relaxing in the park, and al fresco brunches, even in the steamiest of weather situations. Ultimately, you have to keep it light and pick loose and lightweight pieces, because body-con dresses and skinny jeans are not the best choices on sticky days. Here, some of our favorite breezy options to see you through those hot, heavy afternoons. 

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