After testing it out, I’m convinced this is the secret to staying warm this winter.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 20, 2017
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Uniqlo Heattech T-Shirt
Credit: Uniqlo

Between the icy office and the chilly (and impossibly long) 10 minutes it takes for the car to heat up, every winter feels like a struggle to stay warm. As one of those people who is always cold (I think a vacation to Miami in August is a good idea), I’m always on the lookout for clothing and gadgets that promise to keep me warm. So when another always-chilly friend recommended I check out Uniqlo’s Heattech line, I wasted no time getting to the store to check it out.

After trying out a Heattech t-shirt, scarf, and tights, I found one clear winner: the Heattech Scoop Neck T-shirt ($15, currently on sale for $10). While the scarf helped me stay warm on a blustery day and the tights seemed durable after the first couple wears, it was the t-shirt that truly stood out. I wore it to work one day layered under a sweater, and suddenly, my icebox of an office felt like a sauna. That morning, I had a video shoot, and after an hour of moving around, I was so warm, I actually removed the T-shirt. For once, I was too warm in the wintertime—a feat I truly thought impossible. I now know what I’ll be reaching for on those truly cold days, sledding excursions, and winter hikes.

While you might assume that a top with this much warming power is bulky, this scoop neck t-shirt is actually incredibly thin. The material, a blend of polyester, acrylic, rayon, and spandex, is insulating and bio-warming, meaning it uses the moisture your body gives off to create heat, and then traps the warmth in pockets in the fabric. Whatever the material science behind it, I can tell you it certainly works.

The top is cut slim and the material is both clingy and stretchy, so while it’s not an ideal top layer, it’s the perfect undershirt and can easily hide under a heavy sweater. The three-quarter length sleeves also mean you won’t have to continually push them up to prevent them from peeking out from under whatever you wear on top. While I can’t say that this $10 miracle undershirt is going to convince me to like winter, it’s certainly helping me survive it.