For when it’s so hot you. just. can’t. handle it.

By Maddy Sims

Sure, summertime means outdoor happy hours and sunshine-filled commutes, but the climbing temperatures also mean extra heat (and extra sweat). The challenge is finding something office-appropriate that also suits the rising mercury—especially if your office or place of employment adheres to a strict dress code. But there are ways to keep both hemlines and necklines appropriate for the workplace without overheating.

Try switching out some of your cold-weather work wardrobe staples for these bright colors and looser fits. From meetings to lunch breaks to late nights in the office, these choices are perfect for the summer’s hottest months. They’re all super stylish, too, which means they can transition from day to night in a cinch—just slip on a pair of heels or statement earrings. Both in and out of the office, these picks will have you staying (and looking) cool when things start heating up.

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