Let's face it—everybody does need somebody, sometimes. There are many, many good things about living by yourself—absolute independence, complete control of choice in terms of décor (not to mention the remote), and the freedom to walk around in your skivvies or skip doing the dishes, to name a few. But if you live alone, or ever have, you know that getting into certain articles of clothing—or out of them for that matter—by yourself can be an unexpectedly Herculean task.

If you’ve ever tried to put on a dress with a back or side zipper, you know what we mean. More than one Real Simple staffer has confessed to actually pulling a muscle doing just that. Others have come to work half zipped in search of a colleague who can help. And things get even worse (actually, nearly impossible) if there happens to be a horizontal seam at the waist.

And then there are the accessories. It takes practice and a certain amount of deft skill to single-handedly manage the tiny lobster clasp on a bracelet you’re trying to put on your own wrist. And if your tall boots don’t feature easy-on, easy-off zippers, it can feel like you need the flexibility of a Cirque du Soliel contortionist just to be able to pull them off.

One thing you can manage—though admittedly even this step is easier if you have a partner in crime, so to speak—is the “once over:” After comparing shoes with an outfit, did you remember to change into one pair or are you still wearing two different styles? (Hey, it happens.) And, finally, did you remember to remove the tag once you successfully zipped up that fabulous new dress?