Uniqlo’s essential fall coat is so nice, you’ll buy it twice.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated October 25, 2018
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uniqlo quilted down jacket
Credit: uniqlo.com

My first down coat wasn’t a look I’m particularly proud of. I was 8 years old, and the jacket was such a garish shade of look-at-me blue that my dad selected it only because the hue made me easy to spot from his post across the playground. (Helicopter dads, am I right?) Ever since that look, I’ve actively avoided colorful down coats, opting instead for neutral fall essentials made from wool, cashmere, or a fabric that’s equally as cozy.

That was until I discovered Uniqlo—specifically, the brand’s Ultra Light Down collection. I was on the hunt for a transitional coat that was the Goldilocks of cold-weather gear—not too light, but not so heavy that I’d be full-on sweating just seconds after stepping foot outside of my apartment—and this Ultra Light Down Jacket ($70; uniqlo.com) fit the bill.

A water-repellent coating makes this lightweight look an essential for rain or snow, and while it’s still what many would deem a “puffer” coat, the slimmed-down design is anything but bulky. (Think less Michelin Man and more like something you'd spot on Meghan Markle.) Another bonus: The coat comes in 12 shades (including blue, if that’s your thing) and it’s pocketable—meaning you can easily fold and store the jacket in its accompanying carrying pouch if you’re packing for a trip.

As someone who shudders at the mere thought of long lines and pushy sales people, I actively avoid visiting all retail stores in real life, but I actually made an exception for this find. At the recommendation of a friend, I bought the wine shade online, only to later brave Uniqlo’s massive Soho store to pick up the same exact coat in basic black just because.

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