The comfiest footwear in the world just got a next-level makeover.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 18, 2018
Thigh High Ugg Boots on model
Credit: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

More than a decade ago, Ugg boots were the most hotly contested footwear around. If you were in camp cozy, you couldn’t get over the undeniable comfort of these fleece-lined sheepskin booties that felt like wearing puffy clouds on your feet. But if you were on the fashionista side of things, Uggs were the ugliest boots to walk the planet (especially after a slushy rain splotched them with watermarks). If you thought the debate ended in the aughts, Ugg has decided to raise the stakes by collaborating with Belgian designer Y/Project to create thigh-high versions of their classic boots. Debate reopened.

Debuting at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris on Wednesday, the pair of boots will actually be sold starting in fall 2018. The reported price ranges from $270 to $1,380, leaving us to guess exactly how much we’ll have to shell out for this magnificent pair. Considering that the original style Ugg boots retail for nearly $200, it’s perhaps no surprise that the thigh-high style costs significantly more. Plus, the slouchy design of the extra-tall boots requires even more material than a form-fitting design would have.

When Glenn Martens, the creative director of Y/Project was asked to describe the experience of putting on the boots, he told British Vogue it was, “Like putting your thighs in butter.” Although we don’t have official confirmation that Ugg’s iconic shearling lines the entirety of these new boots, that description certainly seems to suggest it. Love them or hate them, these new Uggs are undeniably cozy—and the nostalgia factor alone is enough to give you the warm fuzzies.