The long search is over.

By Elizabeth Sile
Updated November 14, 2017
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I’ve tried every tip I can find to get my sweaters to stop pilling. I’ve followed the washing instructions word for word, turning my sweaters inside out and washing them by themselves. I’ve tried fabric softener and different dry cleaners in my neighborhood. Pumice stones have never helped. I keep a sweater comb (this one specifically) in my purse and one at home, which is great when you spot a couple tiny fuzz balls, but useless when the entire underside of your sweater’s arm is pilled.

Last year, I donated several wool sweaters that could not be saved and upgraded to nicer sweaters thinking that if I paid more, I’d get better quality sweaters. Still, no luck. Still, more pills. The Ben Franklins I dropped on wool-cashmere blend sweaters started pilling after one wear.

I’ve been on a constant hunt for a basic crew-neck sweater that doesn't require frequent anti-pilling treatments. The thing is, when I buy clothes, I want them to last. When I wear something with a lot of pills, I can’t help but think everyone is wondering why I look so unkempt. It’s a minor thing to be self-conscious about, but I am.

But this year, I think I've finally found the perfect pullover: the Tilly Sweater from Boden. It’s a mid-weight blend of cotton, polyamide, and elastane. It looks great tucked in because it’s not too heavy, and with the small side-slits on the bottom hem, it’s professional when it’s untucked, too. The gold metal buttons on the sleeves make it feel a little fancy. And though it has no wool, it feels warm and cozy like a wool sweater. Plus, at just $80 (but currently on sale for $60!), it won’t break my budget. After buying the grey one, I ordered it in white and navy, too. So far, several outfits in, there’s not a yarn ball in sight.