For less than $15!

By Savannah James
Updated May 01, 2017
Handout/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte is celebrating her second birthday, and the royal family just released a picture of her wearing the cutest sweater. The yellow cardigan from British brand John Lewis sold out within minutes of the photo being released, but don’t worry—you can still scoop it up in equally-adorable pink, plus we’ve linked to some similar items below, so your little one can dress just like a princess, too.

This knit sheep dress is the exact same pattern as the yellow cardigan, so this will be your best bet on nailing the look until the original (hopefully) restocks. Sheep details around the neckline add a sweet, classic touch to the dress.

To buy: $14;

Sunny yellow will brighten any overcast spring day and this sweater is the perfect layering piece for a toddler on the days when the mornings are cold and the afternoons really start to warm up.

To buy: $20;

Ruffle detailing on the bottom of this cardigan give it a ladylike feel suitable for royalty. The classic button-up cardigan goes with any outfit, but will look especially cute layered over a dress at a tea party.

To buy: $35;

The lighthouse pattern around the collar of this piece is reminiscent of the sheep that are featured on Charlotte’s sweater. It may not be her stately sheep, but this style is super close to the cardigan she was photographed in, and the lighthouses add a sweetly American twist.

To buy: $42;