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By Betsey McLain
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There’s a checklist for the perfect T-shirt—it has to be incredibly versatile, super-soft, well-structured, and flattering in all the right ways. It has to go with anything and everything in your wardrobe. Oh, and it definitely has to last for more than one wash.

That’s a tall order for such a simple garment. Sure, there are many high-priced iterations that fit the bill, but don’t make the mistake of breaking the bank on them. You don’t have to have to overspend to find an everyday favorite you’ll love having in your closet.

These four options should provide all the inspiration you need to find an essential tee that ticks all the boxes—without breaking your budget. Because that “not-too-sheer, not-too-tight, fits exactly the way you want” version does exist, and because dropping extra cash on a spendier version doesn’t necessarily get you closer to T-shirt magic.

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