You’ll covet these pieces even after you give birth.

Ah, maternity fashion. It’s a land filled with items you would might not elect to wear if not for your burgeoning bump (we’re looking at you, tent dresses and ruched everything), and, when confronted with finding options that suit your pre-pregnancy style in a sea of empire-waisted silhouettes, it can feel like hunting down the proverbial needle in a hay stack. And when your to-do list is growing longer each day, pulling together an outfit you actually want to wear shouldn’t be yet another box you need to check off.

But there’s good news for all the style conscious moms-to-be out there. There’s no reason to sacrifice your style. With all the great options on the racks, you might even surprise yourself by loving your maternity wardrobe even more than your pre-pregnancy one. There are tons of great pieces to pick from—and not just at maternity-only companies (although those are a great resource, too). You’ll be surprised by how many of your favorite retailers (think H&M, Topshop—even ASOS) carry their own lines just for moms-to-be. You may even find you’ll want to keep these on rotation long past your due date.

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