They're not as unusual as they sound. 

By Tamara Kraus
Updated September 26, 2017
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Spanx just released the last thing we’d ever imagine we'd have in our drawers: arm tights. While the idea seems a little crazy, the product may just have some merit given the brand’s track record of solving some of our biggest wardrobe conundrums. If Spanx can do wonders for other parts of our bodies, maybe the newest addition is exactly what we never knew we needed.

So what exactly are arm tights, anyway? They're basically the fashionable version of the Under Armour piece you may have worn underneath your uniform while playing sports. The shaper for your top half is a body-hugging crop top that will smooth any lumps and bumps on your your arms and upper body, so tight-fitting dresses and shirts skim right over skin.

The newest Spanx product makes for the ultimate piece to transition your summer dresses to fall without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Try the topper underneath a sleeveless dress to make it fall ready in seconds, or wear it under your favorite slim-fitting cashmere sweater once the temperature drops.

The collection includes a rainbow of colors to coordinate with all your outfits, and they all retail for just $30. Whether you want to wear them alone or layer it up for fall and winter, arm tights may just end up being your new favorite closet staple.