Of course this style maven can make this former fashion faux pas look absolutely fabulous.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 12, 2018
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Five years ago, any average sandal-wearing person would tell you that slipping on a pair of socks underneath a strappy sandal is an absolute no-no. Fast-forward to 2018, though, and you’ll find the look on runways and stylish Instagrams alike.

Take Lauren Conrad’s recent Instagram: The Hills and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County star—and fashion darling—posted a shot of herself rocking a monochromatic blush-pink outfit, complete with matching heeled sandals (her own LC Lauren Conrad Admirer Women’s High Heel Sandals) and socks. Yes, sandals and socks.

Some commenters were quick to say that they weren’t quite onboard with the trend yet, but even those who would never pair socks and sandals have to admit that the color uniformity in Conrad’s outfit is absolutely gorgeous.

Conrad doubled down on the trendy footwear pairing with a blog post on her site detailing how to pull off the look. “If current street style trends are any indicator, wearing statement socks with your favorite fashion forward footwear can actually be incredibly chic,” she writes. She also points out that the pairing is a great way to transition footwear into warmer weather.

You have to do it right, though. Conrad recommends statement socks that are delicate and ladylike, with sparkle, lace, or a playful print. Almost any sandal will work, though block heels and sandals with ankle straps are safe go-tos. And if you want to explore the extent of how far this trend can go, Conrad says you can pair statement socks with ballet flats, oxfords, and more.

Conrad even offered her picks for statement socks and strappy sandals to pair with them—head to her site to see them all, but be warned: You may find yourself sporting the edgy combo as spring nears.