What to Wear in a Snowstorm If You Absolutely Have to Leave the House

Forget the milk? Run out of TP? If you have to brave the storm, try these tricks to stay warm and dry.


Better-Than-Basic Base Layers

Photo by jcrew.com

Yes, thermal long johns work to keep you warm. But we suggest opting for a base layer of Merino wool instead—the super soft wool is also super insulating (and does a fairly good job of wicking away), plus you’ll look far more polished when you’re back indoors peeling off those outer layers. This pick is lined with cotton, so it will feel extra nice against your skin.

To buy: J. Crew Merino cotton sweater, $128; jcrew.com.


Serious Socks

Photo by amazon.com

No matter how rugged your snow boots, gym socks simply aren't going to cut it. A pair made from the aforementioned Merino wool will do for your toes what it does for your torso—namely, keep you warm and dry.

To buy: Smartwool socks, $23; amazon.com.



Photo by ugg.com

Mittens. Not gloves. While gloves may offer a bit more dexterity, they also (obviously) separate your fingers, so they retain less body heat and get colder, faster. A leather pair will keep your digits well insulated. (Don’t worry: The thumb is touch-screen enabled, so you won’t have to go off the grid entirely.)

To buy: Ugg mittens, $130; ugg.com.


Hand Warmers

Photo by amazon.com

Two words: These work. Put a pair underneath your toes in your boots and add another pair to your mittens. Pro tip: Tuck them into the wristband on the underside of your wrist to give your whole body a sensation of warmth.

To buy: HotHands hand warmers, $5; amazon.com.


An Oversized Turtleneck

Photo by hm.com

Warm, cozy, and like a built-in scarf, a chunky turtleneck is the surprise answer to “How do I keep my face warm without looking like a bank robber?” Ditch the balaclava (leave that for the ski slopes), and simply pull up your turtleneck. Coupled with a soft, thick beanie, you’ll be able to shield most of your face from the elements—while preserving your sartorial integrity.

To buy: H&M turtleneck, $50; hm.com.