Smart fashion advice that will never go out of style. 

By Real Simple Editors
Updated March 12, 2015
Illustration of a woman wearing a structured blazer
Think of tailored garments (shifts, A-lines, nipped jackets) as your body armor. “I use this analogy: If you put fat in a plastic bag, it’s formless and jiggly,” says Raes. “But if you place it in Tupperware, it’s disguised by the shape of the container.” Try a sharp-shouldered blazer to make your waist look smaller or a fit-and-flare peplum silhouette to manufacture va-va-voom hips. Darts and seaming provide definition wherever you need it.
| Credit: Blanca Gómez

1. Check that your bra is doing its job of lifting you up where you belong: Nipples should be exactly between your shoulders and elbows.

2. Keep prints in scale to your frame. The larger the person, the larger the pattern should be. The reverse is also true.

3. If you want to minimize a fuller bum, choose jean pockets that are large, straight, and spaced somewhat close together.

4. Look taller and trimmer by dressing monochromatically head to toe. (Yup, it works even with white.)

5. Go for a hemline that hits right above or right below the kneecap to make legs look their absolute best.

6. Embrace diagonals. Think wrap dresses, chevron prints, and asymmetrical hemlines. Wherever that downward-sloping angle lies will magically appear slimmer.

7. Flaunt your collarbone with an open neckline. Unlike cleavage, the clavicle is subtly sensuous and looks elegant on almost every woman.

8. Follow this color guideline to play up (or downplay) your figure: Wear lights and brights in the areas that you want to highlight; darks on the parts that you want to recede.

9. Use tailored silhouettes in structured fabrics—say, a wool blazer or a cotton A-line—as body armor to hide jiggly bits.

10. To create the illusion of never-ending legs, slip on heels that match your skin tone.