Here’s a hint: You’ll want your phone for this.

By Samantha Peters
Updated April 17, 2018

At first glance, Zara’s new window displays look pretty bare—gone are the of-the-moment impulse buys and have-to-have-it statement accessories, and in their place open, empty space. But there’s more going on there than meets the eye. With the help of your smartphone and an app-activated “Shop the Look” logo emblazoned on the display’s white walls, you’ll now be able to unlock a treasure trove of outfit inspiration.

Last week, the fast-fashion retailer announced that it will temporarily be trading its traditional mannequin displays for an augmented reality experience, which allows customers to view and shop the store’s latest looks on virtual fashion models. According to an official press release, after downloading the Zara AR app, consumers can point their phones at “store windows, in-store podiums, boxes they receive delivering online purchases and dedicated images at,” and two models are brought to life in seven-to-12 second clips. In the clips, the models pose, walk, and even talk—almost as if they’re actually right in front of you. And if you like what you see, you can purchase every look directly in store or with a simple click on the Zara App.

To make the experience seem even more real to life, the app also features a tool for users to take and post photos of the holograms on social media. But Zara fans will have to act fast—the experience, which is available in seven U.S. stores and 120 locations worldwide, is only reported to last for the next two weeks starting April 18.

Eager to see the new technology in action? Check out the videos below to watch how it works, then try the app out for yourself.