5 Clothing Items You Should Never Buy Used

Thrift-store shoppers beware!

Nothing beats snagging clothes at a deep discount, especially if there’s a coveted designer item you’re eyeing, and thrift shops and vintage stores are veritable treasure troves for scores like these. But we’re here to remind you that it doesn’t necessarily work for everything.

No matter how much cheaper something is than the original price, you should always ask yourself if the cost is worth paying. There’s a significant difference between getting hundreds of dollars off a vintage leather jacket and buying a pair of worn out leggings, which you can easily get brand new by spending just a little bit more. We’ve done the dirty work (literally) and researched the items you should always avoid buying used.



Photo by Bosca78/Getty Images

If there’s ever a sanitary line you should never cross, this is it! Intimates are basically a second skin. At the end of the day, there are a number of affordable options available, so there’s no reason to rummage through a pile of underwear people have already worn.


Workout Gear

The athleisure trend may be driving up the cost of sports bras and leggings, but re-wearing another person’s gym wear, even if it’s been washed several times, is not worth it. Just think about how much you sweat during a workout.



Do you remember the last time you washed your hat? Exactly. Used hats that are being resold have most likely never been cleaned, and even if it only spent a day or two on someone else’s head, it’s better to be safe than sorry.



This article of clothing is essentially underwear and workout gear combined. Enough said.



Beyond the built-up bacteria, repeated wearing will have essentially molded the inside of the shoes to the previous owner’s feet—preventing them from fitting you properly.