Wear a pretty camisole under a V-neck blouse or sweater to make the top appropriate for work.

By Real Simple
Updated April 15, 2013
Illustration of a woman with her bra showing
Credit: Clayton Junior

“I have a V-neck blouse that I would like to wear to work. But sometimes my bra shows in front.”

Sonya, via e-mail

The Fix: A camisole does the trick, but it should look special, not like an undershirt. Opt for pretty lace trim or a bold, contrasting color. “Emerald works well with gray, and ruby is great with camel,” says New York City– based stylist Kim Naci. If the extra layer has you breaking a sweat, spring for a Chickie ($33 to $37, chickiescleavagecoverage.com), which is essentially a scoop-neck dickey that hooks right onto your bra. Other solutions: Attach your shirt to your bra with a brooch or double-stick fashion tape ($10, hollywoodfashionsecrets.com). Or throw on a light scarf or a chunky bib necklace to hide your cleavage.