T.J.Maxx experts share their top tricks for scoring the best deals. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated July 23, 2018
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Shop TJ Maxx Tips, woman shopping for clothes
Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

If you love to shop T.J.Maxx, then you already know the pros and cons of navigating this treasure trove of designer finds for less. The pros: the prices (of course!), the huge selection, the amazing gems hiding on every rack (there's even a bridal collection). The cons: navigating the overwhelming options and making sure you're getting the best deals. Luckily, the pros far outweigh the cons, and thanks to these insider tips shared by the secret shopping experts at T.J.Maxx, we can shop the store (and shop T.J.Maxx online) a little smarter. Keep these tricks in mind the next time you're hunting through the aisles (whether IRL or virtually) at T.J.Maxx and you can rest assured you'll score the best deals in the store.

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Shop TJ Maxx Tips, woman shopping for clothes
Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

1 Don't forget that T.J.Maxx has online shopping!

While the store is what immediately comes to mind when we think about shopping T.J.Maxx, don't forget that they also have a big selection of products to shop online. According to the T.J.Maxx insiders, the selection online is often different than what's offered in-store, so don't be surprised if you find things you didn't spot during your last trip to the brick-and-mortar. Also, did you know that T.J.Maxx has an app? It's helpful for finding your nearest store location (even when you're on vacation) and lets you shop the latest arrivals. 

2 Shop the "track."

According to the T.J.Maxx insiders, the "track" is what they refer to as the perimeter of the store. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to delve into the aisles, browsing around the perimeter will give you a quick overview of what the location has to offer, without risk of you getting lost in the store.

3 Browse the "Runway."

Another insider term, T.J.Maxx's new shopping guide swears by shopping the "runway," or the section offering high-end designer labels for less. While they can't list specific designers and the selection tends to vary by store location, the shopping insiders do say that the runway department "is the most exclusive department, overflowing with European, contemporary, couture fashion, and more." When you go to the store, look for the signs to point you to the right spot, and shop The Runway at T.J.Maxx online

4 Some stores offer home delivery.

Little known fact: If you buy something large at T.J.Maxx that you don't feel like lugging home, some store locations offer home delivery. "Pricing varies based on location and distance, so be sure to ask your local store for the most accurate estimate!" the pros suggest.

5 Shop clearance during months that start with "J."

In January and July, T.J.Maxx has its big clearance sales. While there are major discounts throughout the store during the rest of the year, the deals really shine during these two months.

6 Be sure to shop around.

Each store location carries different items, so remember to visit multiple local stores to see how they vary. The insiders tell us that the average store location receives multiple deliveries per week (that's right, multiple!), so check back regularly for the latest.

7 Enroll in the rewards program.

The TJX Rewards Access program offers early access to new e-comm arrivals, the chance to enter exclusive monthly sweepstakes, in-store giveaways, special shopping hours, and more. Not to be confused with the TJX Rewards Credit Card (which offers even more perks), the Access program is open to all T.J.Maxx shoppers and won't cost you a penny to join.