It has a positive message.

By Savannah James
Updated March 01, 2017
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Strong as Mom Tee

Think of the strongest people in your life. Is your mom on that list? Target’s popular children’s clothing line, Cat & Jack, is willing to bet that she is. The line features a shirt with the words “Strong Like Mom” on the front that has gone “viral.” In the past week, parents have been sharing pictures of their posing in the shirt on Instagram with the hashtag #StrongLikeMom.

Available for both boys and girls, this trending tee comes in sizes sold out yet.2T-5T for toddlers, XS-XL for kid, and there are onesies available with the same message for the littlest ones, too. It retails for $6 (and $5 for the onesie). And lucky for you, they aren’t sold out yet.

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And this isn’t the first overwhelmingly positive message Cat & Jack has printed on its apparel. Other shirts in the line say “Future Astronaut,” “Smart and Strong,” and “Boss Lady,” encouraging kids to be their best selves—so it’s no surprise that the line is getting rave reviews from parents.

Cat & Jack also creates clothes with input from the kids themselves. Some kids get to share their feedback on everything from fabric options to t-shirt slogans, so everything is kid-approved. The line has everything from affordable basics (shorts and shirts) to trendy, whimsical designs (think unicorn knee-high socks, boys’ aviator sunglasses, and a mermaid swimsuit complete with a tail).

Take a look at adorable Instagram shots below.