The new store comes with gadgets that will give you completely personalized recommendations.

By Maddy Sims
July 25, 2017

Shopping for makeup is fun, but it can also be time-consuming. You may spend hours trying to figure out what foundation perfectly matches for your skin color, what lipstick complements your skin tone, or what moisturizer is most effective for your skin type. Bring all of those questions to a huge store like Sephora, and you might find yourself a little lost. But the beloved cosmetics chain is changing all of that, starting with a small-scale concept store in Boston.

Rather than have you waste time wandering aimlessly around the aisles, this new shop, called Sephora Studio, brings you directly to an electronic kiosk that provides custom recommendations. For skincare concerns, the Skincare IQ program starts with a moisture meter that measures your skin’s hydration levels in three different places: your chin, your cheeks, and your forehead. After that, you’re taken through a questionnaire to determine your skin’s needs. Once that information is compiled, you’re given a list of products tailor-made for your skin.

The individualized shopping doesn’t just stop at skincare, though. Sephora’s famous Color IQ Test is also there to give you personalized makeup finds as well. A high-tech gadget tests your skin tone in three different planes on your face and then matches it with shades of foundation, concealer, and lipstick. 

And it gets even easier from there. Once you have a list of all the products that will match your skin tone perfectly, you can narrow the options down based on your personal preferences. Looking for a medium coverage foundation that will match your tone and won’t irritate your sensitive skin? You can find it in just a few minutes thanks to this new concept store.

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As if you need another reason to go check out the new store, it also offers express facials and custom makeovers. The best part, though, is definitely the upgraded checkout protocol. Rather than waiting in an endless line, you can checkout with any cast member’s mobile device right there on the spot.