How to Dress for Your Shape

Find the right fit for your body type with our shape-targeted advice on buying pants, skirts, dresses, and more.

Find Your Fit

Button-Down Shirts for Every Shape

A men-inspired style can be hard to fit to female proportions. These cuts work.

The Best Jeans for Your Shape

Expert picks the most flattering fits and styles for casual, dressy, and office wear.

How to Wear Shorts in the Summer

Warm weather makes them a summertime essential. Today’s stylish fabrics and flattering cuts make them a wardrobe chameleon. Use this guide to help you find your next go-to pair.

Sheath Dresses for Every Shape

Real Simple editors handpicked the most flattering dresses for every body type.    

The Best Pleated Dress for Your Shape

These sweet styles have come back into the fold. Here’s a primer on the full range of types and how to wear them, no matter your shape.

Tuxedo Pants for Every Shape

Find the perfect pair of these just-formal-enough-for-holiday-gatherings trousers.


Perfectly Tailored

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