This shopping hack will let you grab your picks and go.

By Betsey McLain
Updated October 31, 2017

Standing in a long line with a heavy armful of clothes—just to go through the laborious process of trying each item on, only to walk out with just one or two pieces you actually like—is enough to turn shopping from a fun activity into an all-out chore. Luckily, we’ve got a solution.

First, knowing the sizes that typically fit you will be a benefit before you walk in the store. And since sizes tend to vary between brands and even types of clothing, taking a few seconds to do a faux try-on before you hit the register can help you skip the dressing room and walk away with pieces you love.

Here’s how.

If you’re really in a rush, think about your body shape: an item that fits the widest part of your body can be taken in and tailored to fit where you are narrower. For instance, a blazer that fits through the shoulders and bust can be taken in at the waist or sleeves. Likewise, a dress that fits through the hips can be taken in at the bodice.

If you’re shopping for jeans, opt for a pair with stretch—a little spandex will help flatter your shape and make getting a good fit that much easier. To make sure they fit, use the laws of proportions. To find the right waist size, wrap the waistline of a pair of jeans or pants around your neck. If it’s not too tight—or too big—the pair should fit your waist. Or, hold the pair up in front of you to your natural waistline—if the fabric doesn’t meet the edge of your waistline, then it likely won’t fit (the same goes for skirts). To find the right length, the distance from the side of your neck to the tip of your outstretched arm is about the same length as your inseam.

Ready? Now, skip that line!