By Real Simple
Updated April 13, 2009
1. Apply self-tanner a day in advance to warm up winter skin. But don’t try this on the day you plan to shop. The tanner will rub off on the fabric. 2. Check your closet for clues as to what already works on you. Love how you look in V-necked tops? Try halter cuts. Not a solid in sight? Focus on prints. 3. Wear a seamless thong (which won’t show under swimsuits) and easy-to-remove clothing. A shift dress and slip-on flats allow for speedy changes. 4. Allot plenty of time to shop. You don’t want to settle just because you’re in a rush. Give yourself more than a lunch hour to browse and try on. 5. Drink a margarita (optional).
Geoffrey Sokol

A well-defined bodice is the focal point of this pretty floral pick. And the crisscross back straps divert eyes from the derriere. Sizes 1 (small) to 5 (large).
To buy: Neiman Marcus, 808-951-8887.

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