Cashmere-Buying Checklist

Many of the characteristics of quality cashmere, such as long and white hairs, are not detectable under the fluorescent lighting of a department store. Here are some ways to gauge quality before you buy.

What to Look For:

  1. Check Touch it with your fingertips.

    Fine cashmere feels soft, smooth, and substantial, even if it’s lightweight.

  2. Check Pull the sides of the sweater.

    They should spring back to the original shape and should not be limp.

  3. Check Look at the luster.

    The sweater should be neither shiny nor dull.

  4. Check Check for dark fibers in a light-colored sweater (they cannot be seen in a dark one).

    These are the coarsest hairs of the cashmere goat and are a sign of inferior quality.