These are some our new favorite silk products we can’t live without.

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Credit: Nordstrom

Sometimes in life, it’s all about the little luxuries (that you can buy for yourself!) that truly make a day great. Whether you indulge in self-care at home with a candle lit, book in hand, or a sheet mask or a face roller, it’s those little moments that make you slow down and actually take time for yourself. And that’s what we think of when we think about the rise of popularity of silk products, like those silk pillowcases you’ve been seeing everywhere.

Silk items like pillowcases have a dual purpose: They’re great for your skin and hair by helping reduce wrinkles and frizz, but it’s one of those things you buy for yourself when you want to add self-care time into your schedule.

And if you already think sleeping on a silk pillowcase makes you feel like a queen, there’s more silk products you’ll want to invest in ASAP, which also make great gifts if you’re ever in need of something for a friend, mom, grandma, or anyone who deserves a little luxury! From silk eye masks to silk robes, silk is having a moment, and we’re totally here for it. Shop our favorite silk products below, and be prepared to discover your new favorite relaxation accessory.

Credit: Nordstrom

1 Best Silk Pillowcases

Credit: Nordstrom

2 Best Silk Robes & Silk Sleepwear  

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3 Best Silk Accessories