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By Lauren Phillips and Madison Alcedo
Updated July 16, 2019
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Amazon Prime Day Deal 23andMe 2019
Credit: Amazon

As the furor around Amazon Prime Day reaches its peak, you—like many, many other Prime members across the globe—are likely searching for the biggest deals and best savings opportunities. The clock is ticking closer and closer to 3 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 17, when the big sale ends, and all these deals disappear until next year.

Even though today is the last full day of this 48-hour super sale, there are still deals on everything from the Instant Pot ($50, was $100; to a Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum ($230, was $475; But this deal might be one of the most irresistible we’ve seen so far: The 23andMe DNA Test, is on sale for $99—a whopping $100 off the typical price of $199, saving you 50 percent.

23andMe DNA Test

23andMe DNA Test Amazon Prime Day 2019
Credit: Amazon

To buy: $99 (was $199);

The genetic test—based off a saliva sample you provide at home and then send to the testing facility—offers more than 75 online reports, including your genetic health risks, your ancestry composition, your genetic weight, and more. For more information on everything 23AndMe offers (including the company’s privacy policy and terms of service) visit—and check out the seven things you should know before taking this test.

DNA testing may not be for everyone, but if you want to take your passion for genealogy to a new level—or give it a kickstart—this $100 price drop may just be the sign you’ve been waiting for. (Although this kit specializes in health information, you should always, always, seek a doctor’s advice before taking action based on the results of an at-home DNA test.) And if you’ve already given 23AndMe or one of its competitors a try, these kits make great gifts, too!

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