Believe it or not, it's almost that time of year again! Score the coolest back-to-school supplies without breaking the bank with these top picks from Amazon's back-to-school sale for grade-school kids and college students alike.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated June 25, 2018
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Face it: shopping for new stuff is probably the most exciting part of the back-to-school season. Whether you have a fourth grader or junior in college, there are just so many supplies to stock up on. Luckily, Amazon has all the essentials covered at very reasonable prices, making your life that much easier. This year, Amazon worked with a variety of influencers to curate their favorite picks throughout the shop, so you know this year's experience is going to be one for the books. Here are seven of our favorite finds from the exclusive back-to-school storefront.


It’s hard to focus with a messy desk, so keep everything tidy with this dainty, rose-gold desk organizing set like 17-year-old YouTuber Ella Elbells does. 

To buy: $40;


Print your favorite Instagram and Facebook pictures in a snap with this on-the-go device, which can easily fit in a small bag. Simply download the Canon Mini Print App to customize photos with stickers, text, and emojis.

To buy: $35;


Instead of adding another toy to your kid’s collection, give them a device they can grow with. Daisy Teh, founder of The It Mom, recommends this full-featured Fire HD 8 tablet that comes with flexible parental controls, one year of FreeTime Unlimited to access popular games and apps, and a kid-proof case to keep the device protected.

To buy: $130;


Avoid hanging wet clothes on your shower rod (and getting in your roommate’s way), and instead lay clothes out to dry on a space-saving drying rack.

To buy: $25;


While most of us rely on our Google Calendar because it’s right at our fingertips, it never hurts to have a hard copy of your to-dos and reminders. Plus, this chic one begins and ends with the school year, so no pages go to waste like with a traditional planner.

To buy: $15;


Designed just for the Echo Dot, this smart gadget wirelessly streams audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device while playing a mesmerizing light show.

To buy: $60;


If one thing is certain: Collegiates can’t live without coffee to get them through those late night study sessions. Bring their favorite coffee shop to their dorm room so they can also save serious money on java throughout the year, recommends fashion and beauty YouTuber Emma Monden.

To buy: $199;