Your wardrobe will never be the same.

By Laura Reilly
Updated May 06, 2019
Rent the Runway

By this point, you’ve probably heard of Rent the Runway—maybe a friend, a relative, or even you yourself checked out a dress for a special event like a wedding. Naturally, a fashion rental service perfectly suited for those photo-heavy moments where you’re unlikely to rewear an outfit again.

What you might not realize, though, is that Rent the Runway can actually be an incredible resource for your everyday wardrobe too, thanks to its Unlimited program. Think of it like when Netflix was still in the DVD game, except it’s thousands of designer clothes available at the tap of a button.

Curiosity piqued? Here’s everything you need to know about Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Membership (and the major discount you can get with our code RENT100).

How does it work?

Rent the Runway Unlimited is a subscription fashion service that powers women to rent four or more pieces of designer clothing at a time, for every day and every occasion.For a flat monthly fee, members can browse RTR's extensive inventory, save favorites to their “hearts” folders, and add pieces to their next shipment.

In 1–2 days, your items will arrive direct to your door in a compacted, reusable garment bag, complete with hangers and fresh-from-the-dry-cleaners plastic covers over each item. Hang onto each piece for as long as you’d like. When you’re ready, you can pack items back into the same garment bag, swap out the label in the outside pouch with a prepaid return slip tucked inside, and drop it off at any UPS or Rent the Runway store, plus a handful of participating WeWork locations.

Don’t feel the need to return everything at once if you’re still using a piece or two, but it’s best to return items at least two at a time—the environment will thank you.

Once Rent the Runway receives your return, you can select your next pieces. Lather, rinse, repeat.

What types of clothes and accessories can I rent?

Rent the Runway offers thousands of clothing items, including dresses, jumpsuits, coats, jackets, blouses, pants, and denim, plus a ton of handbags, sunglasses, and jewelry. You can rent pieces from high-end designers and indie brands alike. Some of our favorites include Rag & Bone, Rebecca Minkoff, Marni, Proenza Schouler, Tory Burch, Reformation, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Jason Wu. You can see the full list of brands here.

If you’re overwhelmed by choice while browsing Rent the Runway (which is totally understandable), we recommend using the super-handy filter in the sidebar. Not only can you narrow down results by category, you can refine even further by cut, color, and occasion.

The selection is so broad that you might even be surprised to hear about RTR’s robust bridal section. Brides and brides-to-be can borrow elegant dresses and separates for engagement parties, receptions, honeymoons, and even the big event.

What if I want to rent more than four pieces at a time?

Then you can! Rent the Runway recently added its Extra Spots feature for exactly this reason. Four pieces are already included in the standard Unlimited membership, but any member is able to add additional concurrent rentals for just $39 per item.

Do I need to worry about cleaning rented clothes?

One of the great perks of using Rent the Runway Unlimited is that all washing, drying, and dry cleaning is handled in the return process. Seriously, once you’ve worn something and are ready to send it back, just pack away your clothes and stick them in the mail. In return, you get to swap for something new and freshly laundered to wear in just a couple days.

How much does Rent the Runway Unlimited cost?

A standard Unlimited membership costs $159 per month, and members have the option to extend their memberships to include additional concurrent rentals for $39 per Extra Spot. It’s also worth noting that if you fall in love with a particular piece and would rather just hang onto it permanently, you have the option to purchase your rentals at a deep discount — sometimes up to 50 percent off the retail price.

The affordability of this subscription service is put into perspective when you compare the retail value of clothing that you’re able to borrow for one flat fee per month. There’s no other service that allows you to layer a $1,500 coat over a $1,000 dress while toting a $600 purse and sporting $300 sunglasses one week, and then switch all four items out for an equally high-valued outfit the next. All the while — no matter how many times you swap out pieces, or what each of those pieces retail for — you’re putting down less than $160 a month.

Where do I find a Rent the Runway promo code?

You’re in luck because we’ve partnered with RTR to offer first time customers $100 off their first two months of Unlimited — that’s $50 off per month. Just use the code RENT100 at checkout.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Rent the Runway Unlimited is as easy as creating an account here. All you have to do is enter your billing and shipping info (and don’t forget to use our code above!). For a curated experience, fill out a style questionnaire and see clothing and accessory picks just for you.

Once you get started with Rent the Runway Unlimited, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

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Rent it: $0 with Unlimited ($325 retail);

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