10 Things You Can Purge From Your Closet

Ready to do a wardrobe purge? Start with the items on this list and you’ll be feeling like a clutter-free, organized adult in no time.



Photo by Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Buying copycat fashion at a fraction of the price of the original designer piece is certainly tempting, but it comes with a host of sociological concerns, not least of which is the conditions workers making those fake goods are subjected to. Clean your closet and your conscience by getting rid of anything in this category.


Cheap Halloween Costumes

You probably won’t want to pass that $15 “sexy police officer” costume down to your grandkids.


Bad Bridesmaid Dresses

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with a friend that has amazing taste and picked out a bridesmaid dress that you actually have worn since her wedding and will wear again. For everyone else, it’s totally fine to let go of those taffeta nightmares, along with any guilty feelings.


Super Low-Rise Jeans

Even when they were in style, they were uncomfortable and impractical.


Mismatched Socks

Everyone has a drawer or a bag of these somewhere. If the matching sock hasn’t turned up within a few months, it probably never will. Get rid of any long-standing singles (or put them to a new use).


Anything That Doesn’t Fit and Isn’t Worth Tailoring

If something fits you so poorly the alterations are going to cost more than garment’s original value, let it find a home elsewhere.


Painful Heels

It doesn’t matter how pretty (or expensive) they are. If a pair of pumps is so uncomfortable you always change out of them before you even leave the house, they’re just taking up space.


Hopelessly Outdated Trends

We’re looking at you, velour track suits.


“Motivational” Clothing

Many women keep too-small clothing around as an incentive to lose weight, but doing so can actually be discouraging. Instead, make a little room in your closet for new purchases to reward yourself as you reach your goals.


Anything That Makes You Feel Exposed or Uncomfortable

That top that plunges inches lower than any other you own? The skin-tight dress you’ll work up the guts to wear... one day? Send them on their way—your clothing should make you feel beautiful, not self-conscious.