I gave it to her for her birthday, and she called it the best gift ever.
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My mother has always been a difficult person to shop for. Growing up under martial law in 1960s Taiwan, she didn't have a lot. My grandparents, both teachers, spent what little money they had on education and putting food on the table, which was to be shared with four of my mother's siblings. As a result, she's a very frugal and modest person—so every year, come Mother's Day or her birthday, my siblings and I struggle with what to get her. Jewelry? Too flashy. Couture handbags? Not her thing. Flowers? She "grows them better than anyone in her own garden, anyway" (her words, not mine).

So imagine my surprise (and skepticism) when my mom told me that all she wears these days while social distancing at home is the Outdoor Voices CloudKnit loungewear set my siblings and I gifted her on her last birthday. "It's so comfortable," my mom said to me over the phone, while wearing her CloudKnit hoodie. "It's all I wear now!" And she wasn't kidding—when I spoke to her again two days later, she was at home painting while wearing her CloudKnit sweatpants. "They're really soft and I don't want to take them off," she said nonchalantly.

As someone who writes about products for a living, hearing this positive statement coming out of my hard-to-shop-for mother's mouth was really special. After hearing her enthusiasm, I bought my own CloudKnit sweatpants to try them out—and boy, was my mother right (I mean, when is she not?). I could recite poetry and sing you a ballad about how soft these Outdoor Voices sweatpants are, but honestly, the name really says it all. Every feathery-soft loungewear item in OV's CloudKnit line is truly cloud-like, and just like my mom, I've found myself gravitating towards them every day while working from home (yes, I splurged on the hoodie, too). 

In fact, Outdoor Voices' joggers and hoodies have become my family's unofficial official uniform: My sister bought her matching set, too, and the brand's men's joggers are my brother's "new favorite thing." With my mom's birthday coming up again, I've been planning on getting her another pair of her favorite CloudKnit joggers, alongside this cozy fleece sweatshirt or this zip-up pullover that she can add to her existing OV collection for colder days to come. While the sweatpants were previously sold out, every colorway except Fog White is back in stock now—and I've already placed my order. 

Shop Outdoor Voices' CloudKnit collection below, and order now to get guaranteed two-day shipping for delivery by Christmas on orders of $150 or more.  

CloudKnit CloudKnit Sweatpants Outdoor Voices
Credit: outdoorvoices.com

To buy: CloudKnit Sweatpants, $88; outdoorvoices.com.

CloudKnit CloudKnit Sweatpants Outdoor Voices
Credit: outdoorvoices.com

To buy: CloudKnit Hoodie $88; outdoorvoices.com.

CloudKnit Tee Sports Wear Soft Tees
Credit: outdoorvoices.com

To buy: CloudKnit T-Shirt, $58; outdoorvoices.com

CloudKnit LongSleeve Lightweight Long Sleeve
Credit: outdoorvoices.com

To buy: CloudKnit Longsleeve T-Shirt, $68; outdoorvoices.com.

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