Make a splash in these cute suits.

By Madeline Sims

For those who don’t feel comfortable baring it all on the beach, it can be tough to find the right bathing suit for the summertime. There are so many options out there, but a lot of them show some extra skin (or at least, a little more than you’d like). Plus, constantly tugging and pulling on your swimsuit to make sure it stays in place while you’re supposed to be having fun in the sun can be such a drag.

These demure bathing suits will keep you covered up and looking cute, so you can enjoy the moment instead of worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. They offer extra coverage (some of them even offer extra sun protection, as well), so you can enjoy the warm weather without anything else on your mind. Slip into one of these chic, stylish swimsuits—and get out there!

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