That staple in your closet is more versatile than you think—here's how to style a little black dress for any occasion.
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Styling a Little Black Dress: Jacket and Scarf
Credit: Brian Henn

1 Start with the dress... and add a jacket and scarf

Smart layering keeps you comfy and professional. A silk scarf adds polish, but if the office heat is blasting, tie it around the handle of your carry-all tote.

Styling a Little Black Dress: Sheet Top and Belt
Credit: Brian Henn

2 ...Add a sheet top and a belt

Your basic LBD goes semiformal when you wear a sheer blouse underneath and incorporate sparkly details, like a feathery belt and glitter-laden shoes.

Styling a Little Black Dress: Sweatshirt and Sneakers
Credit: Brian Henn

3 ...Add a sweatshirt and sneakers

Grab the dress instead of your jeans for a varsity-inspired weekend look. A lively beanie brings a pop of color.