Forget Rigid Jeans: These Stretchy $64 Jeggings 'Fit Like a Glove' and Feel Like Butter

Nordstrom reviewers have given them hundreds of five-star ratings.

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Wit & Wisdom jeggings

Of the few items that are regarded as timeless closet staples, there might be no pant as important as a perfect pair of jeans. And finding the best pair you can buy? Well, there's nothing that would be more satisfying—perhaps only apart from nailing down the perfect everyday T-shirt to go with your denim, too.

If you're still yearning for the skinny jeans that are stretchy, high-waisted, and comfortable enough to wear all day, Wit & Wisdom's jeggings should be your go-to—that is, if Nordstrom shoppers' enthusiastic reviews are anything to go by. The jeans have more than 400 five-star ratings at Nordstrom, and reviewers have called them so well-made that they "fit like a glove." Grabbing a pair won't cost you dearly, either: The jeans are only $64.

Wit & Wisdom jeggings

To buy: $64;

No one likes rigid, impossible-to-sit-in jeans that restrict your waist like a python and crush your rib cage, so jeggings should definitely be on the list of denim styles to own if you prioritize comfort above all else. People who always found it hard to nail down pants that they enjoy call the Wit & Wisdom jeans their "go-to" because they're so generous with their stretch. "For the first time, I can say I love a pair of jeans," said one reviewer, while a second shopper added that the jeans "have a perfect amount of stretch." Several others even said the pants feel as soft as butter.

Plus, the dark navy dye of the jeans makes them flattering enough for pairing with nearly any top. "It's great for daily wear with T-shirts or can be dressed up a bit more with a blouse or sweater," one reviewer added. Another said that they'd style it with blazers for office wear on casual workdays, too.

The jeans are so good that reviewers even say they'd snap them up in more colors if possible. For now, you can grab the jeans in two hues: dark navy and a lighter blue. We can already envision wearing these with sneakers and a nice lightweight cardigan for spring.

Grab the popular jeggings at Nordstrom for just $64 below.

Wit & Wisdom jeggings

To buy: $64;

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