These white jeans are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. Even better? They're not see-through at all.

By Heather Morgan Shott
Updated May 07, 2018
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I Get Compliments Every Time I Wear These Insanely Comfortable White Jeans
Credit: Madewell

I love the look of white jeans in the spring and summer, but I worry: Will the pair I wear show off my underwear? Will it reveal the annoying ripples of cellulite that appeared on my thighs after my second pregnancy? That means the perfect pair needs to be on the thicker side. It also must be comfortable, cute, and affordable ($300 jeans aren't necessary).

I've always refused to compromise, so I went years without white jeans, convinced that what I wanted didn't exist. This year, however, I've discovered a pair that isn't see through at all and it fits perfectly. These jeans are also incredibly comfortable, thanks to a bit of stretch, super flattering, and affordable at $128. Introducing...Madewell's 9.

So good.

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I've been living in these white jeans all spring, and I plan to wear them straight through summer. They're cute with flowy sweaters on chilly days and sleek enough to wear with strappy tops in warm weather. I can dress them up with a blazer for work. I can wear them with my favorite flats, as well as cute block heel sandals (I just bought this pair in black and they're so comfortable—are you seeing a trend here?!).

My white jeans solution is so satisfying I've been sharing it with all my friends. The only thing worrying me now is that my kids will manage to spill something on my dream jeans that I can't get out. So how about a pair that won't stain no matter what your kids pull? Just a thought, Madewell.