Spanx Just Released the Most Ridiculously Comfortable Straight Jeans

They’re so soft and stretchy, I can even do squats in them.

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Every time I have to put on jeans, I'm reminded of a scene from the comedy show Cougar Town in which Courteney Cox's character describes how she "literally cannot sit down" in her tight, uncomfortable pair of jeans. "I'm gonna relax my whole body and just crumble to the ground," she said while demonstrating it, only for her entire upper body to be caught and "held up" by her tight pants. Having worn more than my fair share of restrictive denim, I fully understand that feeling, and as a result I'm always on the lookout for jeans that won't dig into my waist, crush my rib cage, or be so tight that it feels like the circulation in my legs is being cut off.

Thankfully, unlike Cox's Cougar Town character, I've not only found jeans that I can comfortably sit down in, but I can even do squats in them with ease (a test I actually did when trying them). Spanx's newest Ankle Straight Jeans were released just last week to join their shopper-loved collection of denim, and they're incredibly comfortable in all the right ways. The pants are so versatile, they look great with everything in my closet, from my favorite T-shirts to platformed sneakers to silk blouses.

Straight Leg Jeans in Vintage Indigo

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Although Spanx developed its passionate fanbase with its iconic shapewear, its expansion into more and more clothing has always impressed me. Its pants in particular have amassed a reputation for being comfortable enough to attract rave reviews from editors, shoppers, and celebrities alike. It's the reason I wasn't surprised when the newest Ankle Straight Jeans turned out to be a total triumph: Buttery soft and designed to hit just at your natural waist, the pants are perfect for pairing with a cropped shirt or with a tucked-in button down for a casual office look.

Since the jeans come down only to your ankles, the pants can easily go with Chelsea boots or high-top sneakers. They're also designed with the slightest bit of a flared silhouette to flatter, but the best feature is truly its stretch. Not only can I move around so easily in them with no restriction (an important consideration since tight jeans would exacerbate my lower back pain), but also the amount of stretch in them actually reminds me of smooth, soft jeggings. I already know that Spanx's new jeans are going to be my favorite pair this spring.

New launches by Spanx tend to sell out in a flash (weeks, if you're lucky), and sizes for the Ankle Straight Jeans in white are already going fast. I wouldn't be surprised if they're gone before you know it, so shop the jeans now while they're still in stock.

Straight Leg Jeans in White

To buy: $128;

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