Fold, twist, and roll your way to tailored jeans.

By Real Simple
Updated November 09, 2017

1. The Statement Cuff

Best For: Boyfriend jeans, “mom” jeans, straight leg jeans, wide leg jeans
Skill Level: 1

If your jeans are inches too long—or even if you’re just looking for a fresh take on the classic pegged boyfriend look—this will do the trick.

Fold the hem straight up about six to eight inches (nearly to your knee), then simply tug down on the fold to settle the leg of your jeans back into place. Use your fingers to make the crease crisp and even.

2. The “Tailored” Undertuck

Best For: Skinny jeans
Skill Level: 2

Skinny jeans look the most flattering and pulled together when they fit just right, but that’s not an off-the-rack possibility for everyone. Use this simple styling trick to fudge the tailored look and “hem” a too-long pair that bunches around the ankles.

Tuck the hem up and under, all the way around your ankle. An inch or two is usually all that’s necessary, but you can adjust as you go to create your own customized, length. Smooth out any lumps or bumps in the denim, and check to make sure the crease is even all the way around your ankle. The tight fit should hold them perfectly in place all day long.

3. The Girlfriend Roll

Best For: Boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans
Skill Level: 3

You can’t beat the undeniable comfort of loose, broken-in “boyfriend” style denim, but the baggy fit isn’t always the most figure friendly. Create a more flattering, feminine silhouette by slimming the shape of the leg with this easy technique.

To start, pinch a section of the hem together, drawing the jeans fairly tight around your ankle. Holding the pinch together, roll the hem tightly upwards a few times to hold the pinch firmly in place, then roll the rest of the hem up to the same level—the look is meant to be laid-back, so the more imperfect, the better.