If you struggle to find jeans that fit, I've found your new favorite pair.
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Good American Jeans Review
Credit: Good American

Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans isn’t easy. Not only do you have to consider the fit and style (skinny, cropped, wide-leg, or straight-leg), the fabric that’s used is also crucial if you’re looking for pants that are stretchy, not stiff. And if there’s one thing that finally makes me feel like my best self, it’s having a pair of jeans that actually fits properly and accentuates all the right places.

Gone are the days of wearing an ill-fitted pair of jeans simply because they are cheap—I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that a well-fitted pair of jeans is a better investment for your wardrobe than a quick, seasonal purchase. And when I discovered the Good American denim brand (yes, the one by Khloé Kardashian) back when it first launched in October 2016, I knew I eventually wanted to try a pair, especially since it was one of the first denim brands to photograph its clothing on three different model sizes: size 0, 8, and 16. But it wasn’t until I recently saw how the company continues to innovate its sizing for all customers that I finally gave in and tried it for myself.

Whether you’re a fan of the Kardashian family or not, Khloé knows what she’s doing when it comes to making a good pair of jeans for many different sizes. Not only does Good American offer 15 sizes, the brand recently launched a sizing tool that shows how the jeans fit on 15 different women ranging from sizes 00 to 24, which is honestly so genius! Who wants to shop for a pair of jeans while looking at size 0 models if, in reality, that’s not your size at all?

Good American Sizing Tool
Credit: Good American

To make sure the jeans would be represented by women realistically, Good American spent one month casting models to accurately depict the brand’s full size range. Plus, have you ever heard of a size 15 in denim? Most likely not because Good American is also the first brand to offer that perfect in-between size 15, which was made specifically to meet customer needs since so many pairs of size 14 and 16 are often returned.

When I was searching for my perfect pair, I immediately clicked the size 8 model to show me how the jeans might look on my own figure, and I was instantly relieved—I literally said out loud, “Now that’s more like it!” What’s even better is that Good American offers nine different fits (plus cropped versions of some of its most popular styles) so that you can decide what parts of your body you want to accentuate. Let’s face it, not all jeans fit the same on every woman! You can choose from Good Legs, Good Waist, Good Boy, Good Straight, Good Curve, Good Flare, and a maternity fit.

Good American Jeans Sizes
Credit: Good American

I ended up choosing the size 8 Good Legs Crop Raw Stagger ($149), since I knew I wanted a high-waist jean that would make my short legs look a little slimmer and longer. Plus, with the cropped length (a 27-inch inseam) I knew this pair wouldn’t be too long for my legs, which is probably the most annoying issue for petites when searching for jeans. And not only does this pair fit well without any unflattering pulling in the waist, it’s super comfortable thanks to the fabric that’s made up of cotton, polyester, and elastane. It has the perfect amount of stretch without stretching out too much throughout the day.

It might be hard to narrow down your favorite pair of Good American jeans with so many cute styles and washes, but start with the denim guide first by looking at a pair in your size, and I know you’ll find the perfect fit from there.