Bralettes are a must-have fashion accessory but figuring out how to wear them can be a struggle. Here are our top tips on how to wear a bralette!

By Cris Pearlstein
February 12, 2018

Bralettes have been creeping up—and peeking out—everywhere lately, haven’t they? You’ve probably seen one on your favorite blogger, or maybe you’ve spotted one hanging on the rack in your favorite store. Even celebs have been getting in on this trend: Kendall Jenner wowed in a black lace one layered over a fitted white tee, Taylor Swift pairs hers with skirts, and Chrissy Teigen has been known to rock one, too.

At first glance bralettes may seem completely unwearable (too revealing—and of course, what the heck are you even supposed to wear with it?) but that’s actually not the case. In reality, bralettes make the unwearable, wearable. Ever wonder what to wear under an open-back top? What about an off-the-shoulder sweater? Or a sheer lace blouse? Yeah, us too. Believe it or not, bralettes are the answers to all of these problems.

What Is a Bralette?

Of course, if you haven't already been exposed to the bralette trend, you're probably reading this and wondering, “what is a bralette, anyway?” The answer is a little tricky, because really it’s more than just one thing. A bralette can be lacey, sporty, satiny, or even made of leather. Think of it as the crop top’s useful sister—you can wear one alone, sure, but a bralette really proves it’s worth when worn under anything that tripped you up before. Try it under a see-through tee shirt, peeking through a crochet sweater, and even as the perfect layering piece under a blazer. In short, a bralette is a work horse and in this post we’ll prove why you should incorporate one into your wardrobe.

How to Wear a Bralette

Need some inspiration to get you started? Below you’ll find 26 different ways to wear a bralette, along with outfit ideas for everyone. No matter your style, size, or shape, you’re bound to find a version of this mysterious garment that works for your body and your style.

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