15 Ways to Wear a Bralette With Everything

They’re not bras, exactly. So what are bralettes, and what are they used for?

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Bralettes have been popping up—and peeking out—everywhere lately. You've probably seen them all over your Instagram feed or hanging on the rack in your favorite store. Even celebs have been getting in on the trend: Kendall Jenner layered a black lace bralette over a fitted white tee, Taylor Swift pairs hers with skirts, and Chrissy Teigen wears one whenever she wants to look like she just walked off the pages of a lingerie catalog.

At first glance, bralettes may seem completely impractical. What the heck are you even supposed to wear with them? But in fact, bralettes serve an important purpose: They make the unwearable wearable. Ever wonder what to wear under an open-back top? What about an off-the-shoulder sweater? Or a sheer lace blouse? A bralette, that's what.

What Is a Bralette?

The answer is a little tricky because it's more than just one thing. A bralette is a garment that doubles as innerwear and outerwear. It can be lacy, sporty, satiny, or even leather. You can wear yours in place of a bra or over one, depending on how much support you need. You can wear it under or over your top–or in place of it (as a sort of mini crop top).

A bralette really proves its worth when worn under anything that has tripped you up before. Try it under a sheer T-shirt, peeking through a crochet sweater, and even as the perfect layering piece under a blazer. In short, a bralette is a versatile garment you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.

How to Wear a Bralette

Need some inspiration to get you started? Below you'll find 15 different ways to wear a bralette, along with outfit ideas and where to shop for bralettes. No matter your style, bra size, or shape, you're bound to find a version that works for you.

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Peeking Out of an Off-the-Shoulder Top

Not everyone likes wearing a strapless bra, which makes wearing off-the-shoulder tops tricky. Katie Holmes solved this problem with a pretty bralette.

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Under a Sheer Top

A bralette is the perfect answer for what to wear under a sheer top, as Kristin Cavallari demonstrates.

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Under a Blazer or Suit Jacket

Hailee Steinfeld shows how a black bralette makes a sexy replacement for a blouse or top.

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With a Sporty Jumpsuit

An athletic-inspired bralette is the perfect complement to a sporty jumpsuit. You decide how much or how little you show.

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Under a Chunky Cardigan

Who says an oversized cardigan can't be sexy? Camila Cabello shows it can. Flaunt a lace bralette you want everyone to see.

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Denim and Lace

A denim jacket is the perfect foil for a lace bralette.

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As a Crop Top

Match your bralette to your pants for a pulled-together look.

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In the Boudoir

Upgrade your loungewear with a matching lace bralette and silk robe.

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Over a Shirt

Don't want to wear one by itself? Layer a bralette over a white button-down shirt for a totally different take on the trend.

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Under a Shirt

Or reverse the look and let your contrasting bralette peek out from under a white button-down.

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Try One in Leather

A leather bralette lends some unexpected style to high-waist pants.

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Wear a Leather Bralette Over a Fitted Shirt or Turtleneck

Tone down a leather bralette for daytime by layering it over a fitted shirt and wearing it with jeans.

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To Cover up Cleavage

A high-neck bralette offers a little coverage and a lot of style when peeking out of a V-neck sweater.

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In Place of Jewelry

A strappy high-neck bralette takes the place of a necklace when worn underneath a V-neck shirt.

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With an Exposed Back

A lacy racerback bralette looks so much prettier than a bra strap when worn with an open-back top.

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